for the people…

Hayatna is committed to providing the most exceptional dairy and food products which meet the nutritional expectations of the diverse community of the UAE. Our commitment will continue to be innovative and conscious of the needs of our customers

…in the UAE!

Hayatna is an active contributor to the nutritional wellness of the people of the UAE as the country embraces the value of healthy living.

From Our Farms to Your Table!

Employing the most advanced methods of farming with full scale control to ensure premium quality

Hayatna Dairy is produced by the healthiest herds of cows in the most state of the art farms in the UAE

Hayatna fresh milk is immediately transported from our newly completed milking parlor to our dairy factory.

All Hayatna milk products are carefully processed to retain their natural taste, minerals and vitamins.

Our State-of-the-Art technology with end-to-end control ensures that all Hayatna products are 100% fresh and natural.

All Hayatna fruits are sourced from carefully selected fruit producers from the best fruit producing regions in the world.

Once the best fruits are selected for Hayatna, it is sent to our factory for juicing and packaging

Hayatna juices are handled very carefully to ensure that their natural nutritional value is maintained

Our advanced production process ensures that our product reaches your table fresh and fast.

Hayatna – Taste the Quality

At Hayatna our journey begins with nature as we have the best quality farms producing the healthiest fruits for our juices and the most nutritious feed for our cows.

As we control our entire value chain, we deliver the highest quality dairy and food products in the UAE.

We provide the best because you deserve the best!

National Dairy L.L.C (Hayatna) is owned by Emirates Food Industries (EFI), a National Holding company based in Al Ain.